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How to Install A Greenstell Hammock Chair

Finally you are here, hope you have received your favorite hammock chair. Before installing it, I guess you may need the follow the steps and suggestions as for a first-time hammock owner, this process can be easier to said than done.

This article will dive into how to properly hang your hammock to make sure your hammock is ready to use.

Step 1 - Locate the best way to hang your Hammock

Find an ideal location to install your hammock chair as it is essential to make sure the hammock hang properly. It can be your porch, your room, or even the outside in your yard. This is critical to ensure you’ll be able to achieve the maximum level of comfort and safety while using your hammock.

Step 2 - Drill a Hole for the stud/hook

Choose the correct screws for the stud. Normally expansion screws for the concrete base while ordinary screws for a wooden base. Keep your drill as vertical as it can be, so that your stud is straight, which allows you enough support for hammock chair and your body weight. Once you have your hole drilled, it's time to screw in your eye hook with the correct screws.

If you install the hammock chair outside, you may not need to drill a hole as you may wrap the strap securely over your tree branch, but please remember to set the carabiner to different loops on the strap to get your ideal height. People may prefer a seat height that is around the same as a standard chair height-15 to 20 inches off the ground. So you may take this as a reference.

TIPS: If drilling a hole is too hard for you, you may try our Hammock Swing Stand, it is super easy to install.

Step 3 - Measure and Attach Your Hammock Chair

Once the stud/hooks are inserted, loop the carabiner or the spring onto the stud and then adjust the length of the strap/chain you may use. Take measurements so that you know how much chain or rope you will need.

Lift the Hammock chair, attach it to the metal ring via a carabiner. Gently release the Hammock chair and check the height. If needed, adjust the height of the chair by lifting it back off the chain and connecting it to a higher link in the chain.

Step 4 - Safety Check

Now, slowly apply some weight to your hammock chair. Do not test your hammock by jumping right in, but ease in. Give a couple of quick tugs on your chain/rope to make sure it will hold.

If multiple people using the hammock chair regularly, then you may need to try to go with maximum weight as it may help eliminate the risk of too much stress being put on the hammock and prolong the lifespan of your hammock chair

Step 5 - Relax and Enjoy Your Perfect Hammock Chair

It is time to grab a nice cold drink, a book, and enjoy the summer weather with your new hammock. You may have to fight your family over who gets to sit in the hammock, but now that it's there, everyone should get a chance to relax.



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